Subjectio is an experimental online storytelling project by digital designer David Veneman and multimedia journalist Pierre Crom. They share a mutual interest in methods used by superpowers to control and manipulate the representation of the truth.
Subjectio examines influences exercised by the West and Russia in Ukraine, Moldova,
Transnistria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia.

Subjectio investigates the methods and techniques used by the West and Russia to steer online discussions during geopolitical conflicts.

Pierre and David explore the boundaries of storytelling using social media and crafted digital tools, uncovering the structure of
disinformation and propaganda.

Subjectio is regularly updated from February 26, 2020, exactly six years after Pierre Crom witnessed the very beginning of the annexation of Crimea. On March 18, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to officialize the annexation.

Follow Subjectio’s social media accounts where images, video interviews and analysises will be published:

Medium provides access to its social media accounts: Instagram for a collection of photographs, Google Maps for geolocating the photographs, a YouTube channel for a series of seven video-interviews, Medium for texts giving context to the geopolitical conflicts, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.
The video-interviews give a voice to local actors such as a drummer in North Macedonia, a human rights activist in Kosovo, a dance teacher in Ukraine, a shipwright in Montenegro, a political scientist in Transnistria, a media expert in Minsk, and an artist in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The content will be released according to Subjectio’s own agenda, on key dates
commemorating historical and cultural events, or celebrating statehood days in the countries of interest.