Subjectio is an experimental online storytelling project by digital designer David Veneman and multimedia journalist Pierre Crom. They share a mutual interest in methods used by superpowers to control and manipulate the representation of the truth.

David Veneman

David Veneman is a graphic designer and digital artist based in The Netherlands. He works with different kinds of projects including online performance, installation and Internet art. Veneman works is based at the intersection of “social” and social fabric that connects people. The aim of his work is to understand the perception of connections that we encounter online and try to prove that the trust is interfered by the capacities that digital technologies bring us. Thus the companies that provide online communication and distribution of content start to play a key role.

Pierre Crom

Pierre Crom is a multimedia journalist based in the Netherlands. Pierre works intensively on political, geo-political and social issues. His photographs have been published in Dutch and international media. Since 2014, Pierre has extendly documented the war in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, the start of the war in Sloviansk, the downing of the MH17 flight, the battle for Debaltseve. His visual investigations have been published in a photobook “War in Ukraine”, an intimate portrait from a country in which socio-economic discontent resulted in a war.

Crimean journalist Anastasia Magazova wrote an extended analysis of the geopolitical conflicts in Eastern Europe, and Serbian political scientist Vuk Velebit wrote an analysis about the Russian influences in South-east Europe, both texts to be published on Subjectio’s social media accounts.

Katya Kazanova, a Russian linguist specialized in argumentative analysis and epistemology of propaganda, writes the analysis:


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